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Accute Micro Electronics Co.,Ltd

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Tel: +86 755 82670620
Fax: +86 755 61675672
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No 220,Guowei Road,Shenzhen,

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Accute Micro Electronics Co. Ltd is a manufacturer specializing in RFµwave ceramic filters,resonator and antenna which are widely used in telecommunication (Base Station, GSM, PHS, CDMA, Wimax, wifi,Repeater, PCS,PAS), GPS, MMDS,satellite commuinication,WLL,RF remote controls, military systems, Spectrum analyzer, our products include as below:

1. Ceramic band pass filters( dielectric filters, or dielectric ceramic filters, microwave ceramic filters)
2. Ceramic diplexers( ceramic duplexers)
3. Dielectric resonatorsTE&TEM Mode( dielectric ceramic coaxial resonators)
4. GPS patch antenna(dielectric antenna or microwave ceramic antenna)
5. LTCC filters(Multilayer Dielectric filters) and LTCC antenna
6. TCXO,OCXO, VCXO,Quartz Crystal

Since the foundation of our factory located Jiangsu Province in 1987, We have been professionally focused to the research, design and manufacture high performance RFµwave ceramic components, including custom design c

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