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Website: www.Easy Clean .net

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Dewdney Trk.,
22-21555 Dewdney Trk.,
Maple Ridge,,
Canada V2X 3G6,
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22-21555 Dewdney Trk.,
Maple Ridge,,
British Columbia,
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Company Description

AORTA ENTERPRISES has the Canadian rights for the distributorship for "EASY CLEAN" PRODUCTS IN Canada for the new MICROFIBRE CLEANING CLOTHS. We offer "EASY CLEAN" product through independent sub-distributors. Our sales consultant will offer in-home demonstrations or any other method of your choice

Microfibre Cloth is made of fibres of 0,2 dtex, which means that 1 g of this fibre has the length of 50.000 m. The weight of the fabric is on average 215 - 220 g/m2. The composition (50% Polyester / 50% Polyamid) is very important and has been worked out after much professional testing during the 12 months before the product was released.
Polyester and Polyamid fibres are the best cleaning fibres. The composition of 50/50% makes sure not only that the cloth is good not only for cleaning, but also for attracting water from the surface.
You can save up to 100% Chemical detergents that are costly and harmful to our environment.

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