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Changshu Cowin Railway Materials Co Ltd

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Tel: +86 (0)512 52860841
Fax: +86 (0)512 52860741
Email: Email Changshu Cowin Railway Materials Co Ltd

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Haiyu 2nd Economic and Industrial Zone,
No.275 Huanghe Road,
Changshu ,
Jiangsu ,

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Company Description

We supply:

Screw spike: ss5, ss8, ss25, ss36 and other specifications’ screw spikes

Railway bolt: T bolt, SH Bolt, Track bolt, Hex bolt

Elastic clips: E1609, E1809, E2005, E2007, E2055, SKL1, SKL12, SKL14

Rubber pad: R54 1435mm, R541067MM, R60 1435mm, ZW 687, ZW700

Insulator: Pandrol series #7,#8, #9, #11,#12, #13 Nylon insulators

Lock washers: wL20, WL24, Wl22

Flat washer: Uls6, Uls7

Nut: Nylon nut, hex nut, square nut, heavy and normal


Cast Rail base plate

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