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10 Million Dollars of GE Fanuc Hardware in stock. Everything from the 24 year old GE Series Six system to the newest GE Fanuc Versamax controller or PACsystems programmable automation controllers (PACs).  

Cimtec Automation specializes in the supply of new, remanufactured and repaired GE Fanuc PLC's. Contact us for great prices on any GE Fanuc PLC product/s. All our remanufactured boards come with a 2 year warranty, so you can be confident your replacement part will perform as good as new. 

Struggling to replace a specific board, CPU or module? Give us a call, we operate an extensive database of GE Fanuc part numbers, we'll get you any GE Fanuc part you need for a great price.

GE Fanuc Products and Services

  • Series 90-30
    With over 14 modules to choose from and over 100 I/O module types ranging from intelligent modules, high level communications modules to a variety of bus interfaces, this system has been designed for flexible industrial applications. 
  • Series 90-70
    Designed for the most complex applications, this system is geared towards system that require huge amounts of I/O, high-speed processing and substantial memory capacity. Perfect for batch processing and triple modular redundancy. 
  • Series 1, 3 & 5
    We have obsolete GE Fanuc PLC boards both repaired and remanufactured. There are no moving parts on these boards to wear out. We are so confident about our remanufactured boards that we give a 2 year warranty. That is 2 times
    the original manufacturers warranty. Give us your old GE Fanuc system and we'll provide a remanufactured GE Fanuc PLC system at a great price. 
  • Series 6 
  • PACSystems Rx3i 
  • PACSystems Rx7i 
  • GE Fanuc Repair
    GE Fanuc board not working? We can repair it or better yet, let us ship you a new or remanufactured part today. If you send us the failed part we will give you exchange credit. We won't charge for the replacement if it's under manufacturer's warranty.

About GE Fanuc

GE Fanuc is a joint venture between 'General Electric Company' and FANUC Ltd of Japan. The reputation of GE rests on their unparalleled experience in automation control, practice of first-class research and development, expertise in engineering and systems integration, and award-winning manufacturing facilities.

GE Fanuc Automation is the leading supplier of computer numerical controls and related products to the machine tool industry with a well-known reputation for reliability and high-performance products. More machine tool builders and end users trust their products to GE Fanuc/FANUC controls because of our long history of performance and outstanding reliability. From multi-axis, high-precision machines to a transfer line - GE Fanuc CNCs solution systems combines exceptionally reliable hardware, software and services that will ensure your productivity is continuously improving.

GE Fanuc CNC Controls enhance the machine's productivity with a new level of easy-to-access information and programming tools. Our CNC Systems are available for a wide-range of applications such as; grinding, drilling, cutting, milling, punching, turning, woodworking and many more. 

GE Fanuc Product Timeline

GE Fanuc products 

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