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LINBRAZE S.A.S. - brazing powders industry

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Tel: +39 (0)922 871694
Fax: +39 (0)922 709064
Email: Email LINBRAZE S.A.S. - brazing powders industry

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C/da Torre Chimera s/nc,

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Solutions for industrial brazing and soldering metal joining applications. Powders, pastes and supply processes. Solutions for joining copper, steel (mild / carbon and stainless), silver, brass (including leaded), iron, palladium, platinum, gold and other. Heating methods can include resistance, induction, torch and furnace (reducing atmosphere and vacuum). We work in many industrial sectors, particularly automotive, jewellery, saucepan and related kitchen products, carbide tool tip production and related saw products. Availability in the form of powder and paste.

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