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Dongguan Yaohai Electronic Com,Ltd

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Tel: +0086 (0)769 23181314
Fax: +0086 (0)769 23185428
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R.1307 D Block,
The first place building,
Dongguan City,
Guangdong province,

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Unt t6c 678 Nathan ,

Company Description

Dongguan YAOHAI Electronics Co.LTD. Is one of the most professional high-tech company in china. We are specialized in developing and selling of LED display screens LED solar street light LED light and DLP monitor display engineering.Company attracts numerous elites and experts in LED industry to join. It has guaranteed leading position on technology.

LED display screens and DLP monitor display system are manufactured by.LED display screens department, all the products apply in factory mine enterprise、 finance 、revenue business 、administration、 civil aviaton、 police、courthouse、 government、 hospital、 custom、 telecom and so on. All the products include indoor and outdoor have good quality and a various of classifications. It is not only apply in illumination but also combine with solar then become the new green illumination series. The most important is this product possesses the functions of saving energy and

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