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Electrical Training USA (Drive Systems, Inc)

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Electrical Training Course Seminars: The most effective, informative, and enjoyable seminars you can attend.

Scheduled Open Seminars
Many of our electrical seminars are scheduled to be held at locations around the country.

On-Site Training Seminars
Your training costs may be lowered by holding class at your location. Course seminars can be held at your facility or at a hotel meeting-room near-by. YOU may schedule the class at a time that is convenient. Classes can be worked around shift schedules and vacation times. Holding class on week-ends is also possible. On-site training may make sense for groups as few as 4 or 5 students.

Courses held on-site can be customized to fit your specific requirements. Field trips to examine and observe equipment in your plant will add relevance and meaning to the course material. Students will get good information that pertains to your operation.

Flex Scheduling Through Free Pre-Registration
If we have demand for a seminar in your area we will schedule that course. Add you name, desired course, and location to our Flex Scheduling list and we will schedule the course in your area as soon as there is enough interest. Use the free, no commitment, no obligation, pre-registration form to tell us what YOU want.


Why Choose Us For Your Electrical Training?

  • Hands-on lab work using real equipment provides the student with sensible training and skills that are immediately useful on the job.
  • Course material is presented in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Our instructors are trained professionals AND we are experienced in field service and troubleshooting. We relate well with the students and we understand the day-to-day problems they encounter.
  • After attending our seminars, many supervisors make it their policy to send their entire department and all "new hires" to one or several of our classes.
  • Students work in pairs to construct and test lab projects. This facilitates an exchange of information and establishes communication pathways for a sharing of ideas.


What students are saying about our seminars...

"Very informative!"
- M.B., Chemical Plant Maintenance Manager

"Great Course. I'm sending all of my people."
- E.S., Food Processing Plant Electrical Supervisor

"I enjoyed the applications coverage."
- A.C., Service Shop Electrical Engineer

"I have been to several seminars and this is truly
the best one I have ever been to. The hands-on was great,
the atmosphere was great. Thanks..."
- B.B. , E & I Technician

"I've learned a lot by doing the exercises and
experiencing real-time results. Thanks so much for
the content & the quality of presentation."
- G.G., Electric Utility Engineer

Can information gained in our training be used on the job?
Of course. We train students, in many courses, on the actual equipment they will use on the job. In addition to useful information, our electrical training provides experience. 

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