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Tel: +27 (0)21 702 0979
Fax: +27 (0)21 702 1989
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Street Address

Westlake Business Park,
4 Ibis Park,
Bell Crescent,
Cape Town,
Western Cape,
South Africa

Postal Address

PO BOX 30968,
South Africa

Company Description

Filcon Filters, founded in Cape Town in 2000, has the aim of becoming the leading liquid filtration specialist in South Africa. We aim to do this through unquestionable committment and integrity, by always putting our customers' interests ahead of our own. In addition we sell only the highest quality products manufactured by companies we are proud to represent (see below). Filcon now has a branch in (Modderfontein) Johannesburg and the manufacturing division is also located in Johannesburg. 

Filcon Filters are national distributors for Argonide Corporation, Fairey Ceramics, Filtration Technology Corporation, The Hilliard Corporation, Lakos Separators & Filtration Solutions, Microbac Ltd, Sun Central Filters LLC, Walker Filtration and Hayward Filtration. Some of these manufacturers have brands which are "household" names whereas others we intend to make well known... Hayward, Lakos, Graver , Hilco, Filterteknik, Fairey , Doulton, Nanoceram, sun Micron, Sun addition we supply Eaton, GAF, Loeffler brand names.

We have the filtration products to remove contaminants from as small as 0.02 micron to over 3000 micron at flowrates from as a little as 1 litre a minute to almost limitless. A wide range of filtration products is imported from our suppliers but we do manufacture our own range of filtration products such as our type FCB filter bag housings & filter cartridge housings, type PS purging strainers, in-line basket strainers, Dirt Gobbla centrifugal separators and automatic back flushing strainers. And the beauty is that we can customise to your needs.

We provide a personal service to the following industries: Agriculture, Automotive, Aquaculture, Brewing, Biogas, Bottled water, Bulk chemicals, Carbonated drinks, Dairy, Fine chemicals, Food, Gas pipelines, Hyrdometallurgy, Ink, Irrigation, Juices. Mining, Paint, Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Plastic recycling, Power generation, Potable water, Process water, Pulp & paper, Marine vessels, Mining, Wine.

One of our innovations is the "Filtration Assistance" section. This is where you go if you have a filtration problem or perhaps you need to install new filtration equipment. All you have to do is complete the "Application data" form, and our experts will do the rest for you. We will size and recommend the right filtration equipment for your particular needs. And if needs be, we can design a system for you. This feature is our strong point as we draw on the experience of two of our members who have over 50 years combined filtration experience. We design clear solutions.

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