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guwai foundry co.,ltd

Contact Details

Tel: +86 310 2059290
Fax: +86 310 2059280
Email: Email guwai foundry co.,ltd

Street Address

west of hucun town, handan county,
west of hucun town, handan county,
handan city,
hebei province,

Postal Address

west of hucun town, handan county,
handan city,

Company Description

Award: ISO9001 Certified

Standard: ISO2531, BS4772, EN545, EN598, 4504

Factory :foundry-30,3000㎡
building area- 11,500m2.
molding area - 4,000㎡.

Category: gray iron and ductile iron manhole covers,bollards, grills/grids,street hydrants,other special requirements

Materials:GGG 450-10, 500-7, 600-3, 700-2……

Advantages:1. High load capacity (Max. 60Ton)
2. Long service life
3. Well sealed, no noise pollution or rebound
4. Good wear and corrosion resistance
5. Special Relief Sculpture on Surface
6. Perfect design

Grades of load: 1. A15
2. B125
3. C250
4. D400

Options :Badging to customer requirements
Lockable to order
Covers can be ventilated
Safety grids
Sealing plate to prevent ingress of surface water and egress of foul odours
Lifting keys (MHC Ref. LK5400)

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