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HongBeng Diesel Pump Factory

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Tel: +86 594 6280295
Fax: +86 594 6280293
Email: Email HongBeng Diesel Pump Factory

Street Address

HongBeng Diesel Pump Ltd.,co,
china fujian putian ,
HongBeng Diesel pump Factory,
fujian ,

Postal Address

HongBeng Diesel pump Factory,
HongBeng Diesel pump Factory,

Company Description

HongBeng Diesel Pump Factory is specialisted
in producing the (Diesel Injection) Pump,
This month we hold the big stock for
the cumminsengine parts(4B3.9, 6B5.9,
6CT8.3, N855, NH220, K19, K38, K50, M11
and L10)Cummins Injector assemble,
cummins Cup,Cummins Plunger&barrel etc.
cummins injector:
samples price(Quality Assure for one year)
3016675 USD56
3016676 USD56
3047969 USD41
3047973 USD41
3047991 USD41
3054217 USD41
3054218 USD41
3054231 USD41
3054250 USD45

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