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HYozma Precision

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Tel: +86 575 8763290
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Diankou Industrial Park,

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Diankou Industrial Park,

Company Description

HYozma Precision boasts its consistently high quality comprehensive product line of precision castings, precision machined parts and precision plastic molding components to a variety of markets.

HYozma has established itself as a modern precision casting facility, with versatile capabilities in the  investment castings of stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and nonferrous alloys . Almost any alloy can be utilized and the most complex & finely tooled pieces created. 

Our CNC machining services include: precision grinding, precision milling, precision cutting, precision turning, precision drilling, precision fabrication and stamping & punching. We can machine virtually any material including aluminum, steel, bronze & plastics etc..

Our team has the experience and flexibility to meet the most stringent technical, quality and delivery requirements which have enable HYOZMA PRECISION to achieve preferred status with many clients worldwide.


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