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INCDIE ICPE-CA (National Inst. for R&D in Electrical Eng. ICPE-CA)

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Tel: +40 21 346.72.31
Fax: +40 21 346.82.99
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313 Splaiul Unirii,
Electrical Engineering,

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The researched and development materials in our institute are finding the application such as: electrical contacts for air and vacuum switching devices in low and medium voltage range; electrical brushes, mechanical seals for use in motor pump, hot pressing dies; AlNiCo permanent magnets, SmCo and NdFeB sintered, agglomerated and injected magnets used in magnetic couplings for tight pumps with “zero losses”, magnetic circuits for magnetic motors, transducers, separators, equipment for water magnetic treatment, ceramic materials for pistons for oil extraction pumps, ball valves, ceramic parts for high wear used to nozzles, bearings, rotor pallets, refractory crucibles, tight encapsulations, electrical insulators; steatite ceramic insulators for high frequency insulators, supports for heating resistance, tightening rings for rotary pumps; piezo-ceramic elements and transducers (piezo-transducers for acoustic emission control; vibration transducer; transducer for ultrasound co

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