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Intl. Assoc of Hydraulic Engineering & Research

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Tel: +31 15 2858819
Fax: +31 15 1858417
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Paseo Bajo Virgen del Puerto 3,

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Paseo Bajo Virgen del Puerto 3,

Company Description

IAHR particularly promotes the advancement and exchange of knowledge, in the water-related sector, through working groups, specialty symposia, congresses, and publications on water resources, river and coastal hydraulics, risk analysis, energy, environment, disaster prevention, industrial processes. Among the variety of activities which are undertaken to achieve our mission are:

various membership: categories and a differentiated fee structure
technical activities: through our Sections
regional activities: through our Regional Divisions
organising events: congresses, specialty conferences, workshops and continuing education courses
European Engineering Graduate School Environment Water IAHR-EGW
participation in international programmes of UNESCO and WMO
publications: Journal of Hydraulic Research (bimonthly)
Journal of HydroInformatics
Journal of Water and Maritime Engineering
IAHR Newsletter (bimonthly)
IAHR NewsFlash (a free monthly e-mail information bulletin)
Section Newsletters
Hydraulic Structures Design Manuals
Proceedings of biennial congresses and specialty conferences
The objectives of applied research, scientific exchange, technology transfer and research management provide an umbrella for all IAHR endeavours. The scope of IAHR involves research, engineering applications and their interactions and thus caters to the needs of both individual and corporate members.

Hydraulics covers only one part of the water resources domain and most applications, developments, policies, engineering works must consider all aspects of that domain. IAHR provides an excellent basis for co-operation with other water-related associations, where common interests call for combined efforts hydrology [IAHS], water quality [IWA], development of water resources [IWRA], urban drainage, coastal and maritime engineering, etc.). Specific developments which take place within the IAHR disciplinary field but have thematically larger implications and application areas (e.g., hydroinformatics) are stimulated by IAHR. Professionals from different disciplines will find a place in IAHR, and interactions with neighbouring disciplines possibly covered by other associations are stimulated and can find proper attention.

IAHR is a member of the recently established World Water Council [WWC], of the International Water-related Associations' Liaison Committee (IWALC), and of the International Council of Scientific Unions [ICSU].

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