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Kiesler Machine Inc

Contact Details

Tel: +1 812 3646610
Fax: +812-364-66 364 6611
Email: Email Kiesler Machine Inc

Street Address

P.O. Box 357 , 13700 S.,
Martin Mathis Road N.E.,,
United States of America

Postal Address

P.O. Box 357 , 13700 S.,
Martin Mathis Road N.E.,,
United States of America

Company Description

Kiesler Machine Inc. is an industry-leading manufacturer of precision heavy duty surface hinges, since 1999. The company has been providing several types of heavy duty industrial hinges under the trademark 
The various types of heavy duty hinges provided by the company include heavy duty door hinges, heavy duty gate hinges, heavy duty pivot hinges, heavy duty weld on hinges, and radiation shield hinges. Besides these hinges, Kiesler Machine also serves its clients by designing and delivering vault hinges, specialty hinges, security hinges, commercial door hinges, mortise hinges, non-mortise hinges, and full surface door hinges. The heavy duty hinges are ideal for applications weighing up to 25000 lbs. All the hinges are provided in right-hand and left-handed configurations, and in a variety of finishes. 
All the designing, manufacturing, and testing of heavy duty hinges is performed at the Company’s advanced facility at Palmyra, Indiana. The hinges are provided in carbon steel, stainless steel 304 and 316 grades, which makes them long-lasting, and largely maintenance-free. Kiesler Machine regularly designs and supplies these hinges to its clients in industries such as construction, medical, military and defense, manufacturing, agriculture, etc. 
Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has helped the company earn A+ Rating with BBB. 

Products & Services

Misc. »
  • Adjustable Hinge
  • Aluminium Hinged/Sliding/Sliding Folding Doors
  • Aluminium Hinged/Sliding/Sliding Folding Windows
  • Back Flap Hinges
  • Bolt-On Hinge
  • Bullet Hinges
  • Butt Hinge
  • Cabinet Hinges
  • Concealed Hinge
  • Door Hinge And Door Handles
  • Metal Hinges
  • Piano Hinge
  • Position Hinge
  • Screw Hinge
  • Screw-On Hinge
  • Slip-Joint Hinge
  • Spring Hinge
  • Spring-Release Hinge
  • Stainless Steel Butt Hinges
  • Stainless Steel Hinge
  • Stainless Steel Piano Hinges
  • Surface Mount Hinge
  • Weld-On Hinge

Brand Name Products

No brand name products listed for Kiesler Machine Inc.

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