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KWAI Mining Equipment

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Tel: +27 12 9931632
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Street Address

1 Lever rd,
Rosslyn, Pretoria,
South Africa

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1 Lever rd,
Rosslyn, Pretoria,
South Africa

Company Description

KWAI Mining Equipment focuses on sourcing modern mining issues and finding a suitable solution for them.

KWAI specialises in manufacturing quality Pinch Valves and Plastic Pipe Couplers at affordable prices.

Our Pinch Valves are built robust to withstand the harsh conditions that they were intended for. Pinch Valves can be manufactured with hand-wheels, any form of actuators and hand pumps for ease of closing the valve. 

KWAI Mining Equipment has also developed a new method of joining HDPE and PVC Piping that totally eliminates any need for welding. This Plastic Pipe Coupler allows you to cut the pipe off at any given point and join 2 pipe ends within 15minutes and run the pipe line at 2500kPa.

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Quality Mining Equipment that is built to make your life easier...KWAI Mining Equipment.

Products & Services

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  • Abrasive Resistant Pinch Valves
  • Automatic Pinch Valves
  • Corrosive Resistant Pinch Valves
  • HDPE
  • HDPE Coupling

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