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Lapp Cable

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Tel: +27 (0)11 201 3200
Fax: +27 (0)11 201 3222
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51 Bruton Circle,
Founder View South,
South Africa

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PO Box 16687,
South Africa

Company Description

Welcome to the LAPP CABLE website of South Africa.
Lapp Cable is a member of the multinational LAPP GROUP, world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality flexible control cables, cable glands, connectors and other cable accessories.

LAPP cables and accessories are used throughout the world in a wide variety of demanding industrial and commercial applications, including factory automation and robotics, materials handling, food and drink processing, packaging and building services.
For details of our ÖLFLEX® cables and other brands, please see our PRODUCTS page on our website.

Whether you require standard or special cables, bulk or small quantities, with or without glands and connectors, just tell us what you want or ask for our recommendations.
Successful inventions are the result of far-reaching vision and a special understanding of the needs of the market. The founder of our company, Oskar Lapp, possessed these personal characteristics. In 1957, he invented ÖLFLEX® , thus setting the first milestone. Over the years, based on systems adapted to one another, the range of products has been extended continually. This host of highly specialized technical products has long been one of the largest standard programs available from stock. Today, the LAPP GROUP, with more than 30 companies, some 50 agencies and about 1700 employees around the world, is the leading suppliers of cables and cable accessories, as well as connectors and communication technology. Receptiveness for new ideas, openness in our dealings with customers and the will to develop products and solutions from them, are basic principles of our company philosophy - an attitude reflected in the candid, communicative relationship of our employees with one another.

Any one wanting to be close to his customers has to move and develop with them. The world has long become a global production site - and our clients are established everywhere. For the LAPP GROUP, the logical course of action is: wherever our customers are, our facilities are there, too. The underlying philosophy of this motto is: to provide, at all times, market-adapted products, innovations, and the right kind of service "on the spot". Because only someone who knows the language and mentality of his partners will find the right solutions. Thinking internationally, acting locally - they belong together. Today’s technology knows no limits. At present, the LAPP GROUP speaks more than 20 languages - and we are still learning.

The most important factors in improving our products are intensive collaboration with our customers and single-minded dedication to meeting their needs. With all our developments, we aim to give you a decisive advantage. Before developing a solution, we listen very carefully, getting a feel for your requirements. The experience and knowledge thus gained are channelled into our daily work. That is precisely why we feel at home today in many different fields of industry. And that is precisely what our customers and we ourselves mean by good contacts.

Main markets:

· mechanical engineering and plant engineering
· automation systems
· measurement and control technology
· automative industry
· chemical industry
· electrical engineering
· installation technology
· computer industry
· service industries
· public anthorities

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