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Tel: +27 (0)11 908-7000
Fax: +27 (0)11 905-7004
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3 Potgieter Street,
South Africa

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P O Box 11478,
South Africa

Company Description

Lenreco consists of a highly efficient (Omega) Furane resin bonded sand system, which offers a very quick and efficient semi-production service including a jobbing section for low volumes or prototypes. An ongoing programme of improvements to organization and methods ensures that Lenreco is able to offer extremely high quality products with the shortest lead time from pattern to finished product in the industry.

The pattern shop can provide tooling for one off prototype patterns, as well as hardwood semi production patterns and precision fiberglass/metal production patterns. Lenreco can provide “Poly” patterns for once off use where wooden patterns are cost prohibitive.

Moulding preference are normally step jointed, i.e. boxed methods to suit the particular application. This method ensures that cross section jointing of castings is totally eliminated and the patterns are protected from physical damage.

Lenreco undertakes to provide castings with consistent metallurgical integrity, which conforms to the customer’s specification. To facilitate this Lenreco is equipped with its own Mini Lab enabling constant monitoring and control of materials. Hardness and microscopic examination is further supported by material batch control and traceability.
Lenreco’s quality assurance system is further enhanced with regular chemical and mechanical audits by independent laboratories.

Lenreco prides itself on the ability to meet the demanding delivery criteria of it’s customers and is known throughout the industry as being the foundry able to meet it’s customers emergency requirements.

Lenreco actively encourages customers and prospective customers to inspect the Lenreco facility to ensure that Lenreco is the foundry to deal with.

Lenreco services the chemical, pump, mining and paper industries with products such as hopper wheels, axles, valves, railway components, hoisting castings, scraper and digger castings, farming and agricultural products as well as general engineering.

Lenreco specializes in “Austempered Ductile Iron” ADI has very good wear resistance for products such as digger teeth. The material work hardens but retains extremely good tensile properties.

Lenreco produces a specialized iron called Lenchrome casting out at 650-680 H.B. Lenchrome consistently outlasts 27% chrome by 400%

Lenreco is by no means limited to the above materials and produces castings in :-
· Cast Iron to SABS 1034 – 1075 – Grade 250
· Spheroidal Graphite iron to SABS 936/937 – 1969. Grades 38,42,50,60 and 70
· Chrome Irons from 1% to 27%
· Abrasion resisting alloys.
· Steel to BS 3100 – A1, A2 an dA3
· Aluminium – most alloys.
Lenreco has the ability to cast all of the above materials in weights from 500gms to 500kgs.

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