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Litton Poly-Scientific

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Tel: +01 540 552-3011
Fax: +01 540 953-1841
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1213 North Main Street,
United States of America

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1213 North Main Street,
Blacksburg, VA,
N / A

Company Description


Litton Poly-Scientific is an innovative manufacturer of rotary motion and control products with related capabilities in fiber optics and avionics instruments and displays. The core products include Clifton Precision fractional horsepower brush motors and the Silencer TM series brushless motors and drives, matched for optimum performance. Our lines of commercial slip rings allow transfer of power or data from a stationary to a rotating structure. All of Litton's slip rings use precious metal contacts for optimum performance, especially in sensitive data handling applications. High performance torque motors and resolvers round out our product offerings. Poly-Scientific is uniquely positioned to provide high level integration of these rotary components to simplify system designs and accountability.


As a division of Litton Systems, Inc., Litton Poly-Scientific Division offers unique engineering and manufacturing capabilities at each of our three operations. The operational units gained their roots and expertise from government and military manufacturing. The stringent design and quality standard is still prevalent today in all our design and manufacturing processes, but available cost effectively in the commercial market.


Aside from our international sales offices, which can be found on our web site we also provide applications assistance at our main facilities. For slip ring applications call 800-336-5917, ext. 7066. For motor applications contact Robbie Queen at 800-557-8685, ext. 256.

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