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MASA-Handuk Co., Ltd.

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Tel: +82 53 582-5511
Fax: +82 53 582-5518
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1054 Wolam-dong,

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1054 Wolam-dong, Dalseo-gu,

Company Description

MASA-Handuk Co., Ltd. is a leading Korean manufacturer and exporter of concrete block machines and plants.
Handuk Machinery Co., Ltd. the predecessor of MASA-Handuk Co., Ltd., had manufactured and supplied a variety of concrete block-making machines and plants from small New-STAR series to large-scale RECORD 9000 VB in the domestic and overseas markets.

By making the most of the technical license from MASA Aktiengesellschaft since 1989, it had continued to develop new models and improve the existing ones. As a natural result, Handuk had grown to a leading status, thanks to its effort to supply better machines and services and the continuous support from customers.

MASA Aktiengesellschaft, the largest and most renowned German manufacturer of concrete block making machines and plants with a tradition of nearly 100 years, has played a very prominent role in the worldwide industry of concrete block equipment. Since the technical license agreement with Handuk in 1989, MASA had provided its partner with technological knowledge and practical training.

MASA AG signed a merger agreement in March 1998 and acquired Handuk in its entirety. The name of the company was changed to MASA-Handuk Co., Ltd.

Many models of concrete block machines and plants designed at MASA AG are being manufactured here at MASA-Handuk. The full fusion of MASA AG's latest technology and Handuk's excellent human resources will make up a formidable force in the concrete block industry both in Korea and worldwide. The whole manufacturing process will be under MASA's supervision and counsel, and this means, of course, the highest and very best performance of our equipment. So, your success will be ensured by our commitment to excellence in quality and service.

Now, MASA-Handuk is ready to provide you with the state-of-the-art machinery and incomparable services in the following product lines:

Concrete Block Machines and Accompanying Equipment:

· RECORD Series: RECORD 250, RECORD 4000, RECORD 6001, RECORD 9000, RECORD 9001, and RECORD 9002
· STAR Series: STAR-500, STAR-600

Concrete Mixers:
· MASA HM Series Compulsory Mixers for RECORD series concrete block machines
· Handuk HM Mixers for STAR series concrete block machines


Brick, Hollow and solid block, Paver(paving stone, paving block), Curbstone, Grass block, Decorative block, Revetment, and Other concrete products for construction and civil engineering

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