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NanJing QiangHua Electronic Co.Ltd

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maigaoBridge NanJing ,
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we are a professional manufacture.
our company manufacturing cold cathode tube, the heterogeneous tube, the ascending pipe tube and the high efficiency fluorescent lamp, the explosion-proof tube, guards against the garrulous tube, the disinfection tube, the ozone has the tube, the ultraviolet ray tube(UVA、UVB、UVC)、The sterilization tube, the photo-curing tube, extinguish the musca tube, the American armor tube, the health care tube, the blue light tube, guard against the ultraviolet ray tube(yellow and white), Blueprints the tube, the scanner tube, the project photocopying tube, the drug test tube, the clear brilliance tube, exposes to the sun the version tube, the isolation tube, the animal crawls the portable lamp, the plant growth lamp and so on 20 class near 400 varieties,

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