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Ningbo Yaosheng Electric co.,ltd

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Tel: +0086 574 62130105
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simen IND,

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Company Description

Ningbo Yaosheng Electric Co., Ltd established in a professional manufacturer and exporter of power cords,we specialize in the following products.

Plug: including the approval CCC in china,VDE in Germany,BSI in UK,NF in France, NEMKO in Netherlands,SEMKO in Sweden,OVE in Austria,DEMKO in Denmark,FI in Finland,IMQ in Italy,CEBEC in Belgium,UL in USA,CUL in Canada,SAA in Australia, PSE in Japan, KTL in Korea, NBR in Brazil,IRAM in Argentina,and so on.

Flexible cord:

PVC (VDE in Europe,UL/CUL in USA and Canada,CCC in China,SAA in Australia,NBR in Brazil,PSE in Japan, KTL in Korea.)

RUBBER (Europe,Japan,China,USA/Canada)

Connecter: IEC60320(C5,C6,C7,C13,C14,C17,C19,C20,and so on.)

Other related products: Cigar head,Adapters,Switches,Wire hareness,

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