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Ningbo Rilson Sealing Material Co., Ltd.

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Tel: +86 574 63119187
Fax: +86 574 63119185
Email: Email Ningbo Rilson Sealing Material Co., Ltd.

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125# Zhongheng Road,Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China,

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Company Description

Ningbo Rilson Sealing Material Co., Ltd is a professional manfacture and exporter of China which mainly produced three kinds of seals products, gasket series,packing series and gasket sheet series.including metallic gaskets,non-metallic gasket,various gland packing,gasket sheet material and reinforced composite sheets seals material.It located in the south of Hangzhou bay,close to the south of the bay bridge and the west of Hangzhou,connect Ningbo on the north.We are sincerely in looking for partners to develop and cooperate together in new business opportunities in the principle of mutual benefit.

our main products

Gaskets series
spiral wound gasket,ring joint gasket,metal jacketed gasket,Non-metal flexible gasket ,asbestos joint sheet ,reinforced graphite composite gasket sheet ,reinforced non asbestos composite gasket sheet ,reinforced asbestos composite gasket sheet ,asbestos beater sheet ,asbestos beater sheets etc

Packing series
expanded graphite packing,reinforced gr

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