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Ningbo CNC Machining Co,Ltd

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Tel: +0086 574 87508880
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No.399,Siming Zhonglu Road,Yinzhou District,Ningbo,

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Ningbo CNC Machining Co,Ltd is a progressive company with 12 years' combined experience in mechanical processing and mechanical seals.

Complete range of manufacturing equipments,including induction furnaces,CNC processing centre,precision automatic lathes,punch machines, Plastic injection moulding machines,Plastic blow moulding machines,Hydraulic bending machines,Auto press machine,Argon protected welding machines ect.

Most of the materials we use are cast iron,carbon steels, stainless steels(304, 304L, 316, 316L), alloy steels, Aluminium alloys, copper, Zinc alloys, steel sheeting, Al sheeting, Mould steels.Our serves are mainly in CNC machining,machining parts,pump parts,pump body,pump impeller and mechanical seals. Seals materials include Ceramic,Silicon carbide,Carbon.

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