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Nirosoft Industries Ltd.

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Tel: +97 254 7797004
Fax: +97 4 9983313
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16 Hanapach St.,

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16 Hanapach St.,

Company Description

Enhancing the value of water

Transforming sea water into drinking water

Nirosoft custom designs, manufactures, and supplies state-of-the-art desalination systems for

brackish and sea water. Desalination systems can be tailormade based on site-specific feed

water characteristics and specific water quality requirements. Systems can be supplied on a

contractual supply, turnkey, BOT, or DBO basis, in accordance with clients’ specific needs.

Delivering demineralized water

Many industries are dependent on demineralized water which must meet stringent standards.

For power stations, food processing, pharmaceutical, medical and other applications requiring

ultrapure water, the use of electrodeionization (EDI) technology is essential. EDI modules

continuously produce demineralized or ultrapure water

Global presence

Headquartered in Israel, Nirosoft has an Australian subsidiary, sales and services

representatives in Italy and South America, and a network of local distributors and service


Products & Services

Misc. »
  • Desalination Units
  • Mobile Desalination
  • Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems
  • Seawater Water Desalination
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