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NTT Workforce Development Institute

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Tel: +01 800 9222820
Fax: +01 800 3388441
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7337 South Revere Parkway,
United States of America

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7337 South Revere Parkway,
United States of America

Company Description

NTT’s Skill Circuit™ Training System delivers America’s best classroom and hands-on training because we have the industry’s largest team of master instructors. We’re also the only provider that brings full-sized hands-on lab equipment for each of your students – and for the widest variety of courses – to any of your locations anywhere in the world.

Our training is the best value because skilled workers learn with their hands. Employees that take our hands-on courses get to learn on their own full-sized lab equipment. Most other providers don’t have equipment – or they only provide a few sets of small prototype equipment that students must share.

Our training is reinforced by Skill Circuit™ Online, a web-based Learning Management System that ensures your workers will retain more of the knowledge they learn in our instructor-led courses. In addition to training, NTT Professional Services consults with clients to develop custom training, compliance policy and apprenticeship programs.


Top Industries We Serve

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Federal, state and local government agencies
  • Military and national defense contractors
  • Utilities, power and energy
  • Aviation, aerospace and automotive
  • Oil, gas, mining and natural resources
  • Food, beverage and household goods producers
  • Healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical, research institutions
  • Transportation, transit authorities
  • Water, wastewater, sanitation facilities


Types of Workers We Train

  • Maintenance, installation and repair workers
  • Manufacturing production workers
  • Machinists and mechanics
  • Electricians and electronics installers
  • PLC or automation operators
  • HVAC technicians
  • Welders, cutters, solderers and brazers
  • Field operators in industrial jobs
  • Hazardous materials removal workers
  • Plant managers and production supervisors
  • Facilities maintenance managers


NTT Mission Statement
NTT Workforce Development Institute’s mission is to help America maintain a highly safe and proficient skilled workforce while also helping to develop the skilled labor pool needed to meet the increasing demand. We do this by helping enterprises innovate and integrate their industrial training, safety compliance and maintenance troubleshooting programs.

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