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Qingdao Highpeak Hardware & Machinery Co.,Ltd

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zhengyang road,
chengyang district,
shangdong china,

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Qingdao High Peak Hardware & Machinery Company is professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of marine valves, air vent heads, flanges, hatch cover fittings, piping accessories etc. Our products are in accordance with JIS GB, CB, CBM, and JLC standard, can be extensively used in marine.
With the nominal diameters of 15-350mm and nominal pressure of 5k, 10k, 16k, 20K, our valves include various types-globe valve, check valve, swing check valve, gate valve, hose valve, butterfly valve and their accessories. The body material is bronze, cast iron and cast steel etc.
The air vent heads JIS-KS91A-121 and 53-ON are manufactured according to JIS standard of marine. It is used on air pipes of desk in oil tank, seawater tank and fresh water tank. The nominal diameters are from 50mm to 450mm ( that is from 2”to 18” ). Dimensions of flange are according to JIS B 2220, other types are available by customers’ requirements.

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