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Satinlink PTY LTD

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Tel: +27 21 712 9741
Fax: +27 21 712 9741
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No 6 Lister Way,
Cape Town,
Western Cape,
South Africa

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P O Box 229 Bergvliet,
Cape Town,
South Africa

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Robust above ground and underground wireless communication and data transmission systems are a highly desirable medium in underground operations in terms of mobility, rapid deployment and ease of scalability, within a dynamic underground environment.
Mesh wireless networks can significantly increase robust network, and be over-designed to provide fail-safe redundancy.
Potential applications include: Voice, data transmission, underground mine communication system, asset tracking, people tracking, RFID tagging, video surveillance, gas leak detection, quality of air monitoring etc. Since communication systems may not cover the entire underground working area of the mine, the area of coverage is an important planning aspect.
Monitoring and control - Each mine requires a customized solution that caters to the individual requirements of the mine environment and avoids interference with other mine monitoring and control systems.
Providing on-line support and expert diagnostics du

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