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Technequip manufacture three products, Hydrotech Cyclones, Tech-Taylor Valves and Technegate Knife Gate Valves.

Technequip have been involved in the mining industry in Canada since 1957. Technequip =manufactured cyclones under licence for Krebs for the Canadian market(from 1957-1991) and since 1991 have manufactured Hydrotech Cyclones for the world market. The Hydrotech Cyclones are completely interchangeable with the Krebs standard cyclones.

Technequip have supplied Tech-Taylor valves and since the mid 1960's to mining facilities throughout the world.

Technequip manufactured knife gate valves under licence for Clarkson for the Canadian market (from 1980-1991) and since 1999 have manufactured the Technegate knife gate valve for the world market. The Technegate knife gate valve is completely interchangeable with the Clarkson KGA.

Technequip became a wholly owned subsidiary of FFE Minerals in 1993.

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