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Theatrical Systems Design cc

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Tel: +27 12 804-3481/2
Fax: +27 12 804-3483
Email: Email Theatrical Systems Design cc

Street Address

Power Devices House,
429 Dekgras Rd,
Silverton Dale,
South Africa

Postal Address

P.O.Box 55848,
South Africa

Company Description

To offer a completely unbiased approach to the design requirements of a vast range of diverse applications, and furthermore it allows for very cost-effective solutions in complex applications. This approach has proven very successful over the years and has helped Theatrical Systems Design to build a reputation of good solid and transparent design surpassed by few.

To overcome the accepted practice of over-specifying equipment. Theatrical Systems Design holds a vast library of technical specification of virtually all the professional equipment manufacturers, and together with knowledge, training and experience gained through application, can offer a cost-effective solution.

To eliminate over capitalisation. In the past we have found that many individuals and organisations over spend on equipment and installations, the reason for this is that many of these installations are designed by sales persons with a vested interest in selling there specific brand of equipment, whether a as good or even better equivalent at a lower price is available from another manufacturer is of no consequence to a sales person that needs to make a sale.

To ensure the best re-sale or trade-in value. As equipment becomes more cost effective over time, few investors consider the depreciation aspect. Theatrical Systems Design, through its contacts in the industry, is able to broker the best resale value for investors.

To remain vendor non-specific. Theatrical Systems Design does not supply any equipment, we design a system for specific requirements, together with or design we provide a list of suppliers specific to the design.

To ensure performance expectations. Once the design is accepted we guarantee the design for performance as specified in the design and we guarantee that the system if installed correctly will work.

To offer on site inspections and ensure professionalism in contractor performance. Theatrical Systems Design will do routine inspections during installation and will instruct the contractor to make changes if necessary.

To be able to act in the interests of the client.

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