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Tiandi Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd

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Tel: +0086 130 93326666
Fax: +0086 550 7617888
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Tianqiao Road,
Chajian Town ,
Tianchang City,
Anhui Province,

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Company Description

Tiandi plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer in China for whole PP woven bags production line and relative accessories. Such as Tape production line, circular loom, lamination machine, printing machine, sewing&cutting machine,baling machine,recycle system, film blowing machine etc. We specialize in the erection of complete plants and projects for the same. We can also supply individual machinery if so desired. We have passed the ISO9001 international quality assurance and got many patents in the past year due to our continuous improvement. Our price is very reasonable comparing with its high quality.

If you are interested in our products, please donot have any hesitation to contact me.

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