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Tiger International(Shanghai)

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Tel: +86 633 8668026
Fax: +86 633 8668026
Email: Email Tiger International(Shanghai)

Street Address

RiZhao office,
No.13 Huanghai No.2 Rd,

Postal Address

No.13 Huanghai No.Road,,

Company Description

TIGER INTERNATIONAL is a manufacturer, supplier and distributor of non-ferrous metal products, precious metal products, master alloy, high purity metal, high purity metal oxide, soldering and brazing alloys under the leadership of KINMET. It has been working in this business since 1993, now moving to Shanghai as its headquarter to further develop its global business.
Tiger international(RiZhao office) is a major buyer of non ferrous metal scrap, residues, slag, sludge, especially Ni-Sn scrap,Sn scrap.
If you have any item of those, please feel free to contact me.

Tiger International(Shanghai) Co.Ltd
(RiZhao Office)
Add:No.13 Huanghai No.2 Road, RiZhao, Shangdong 276826, China
tel/fax:86-633-8668026 or

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