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Vaso Plastic Injection Mould Hardware Manufacturin

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Tel: +86 755 27220739
Fax: +86 755 27221402
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No.3 Building, Western side, 1st Industrial Zone,
Manan Shan,
Shajing, Shenzhen,

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Dear Sir/Madam,

This is April Yao, a marketing manager of Vaso Mould Co.,Ltd. I am very glad to know your esteemed company from internet and write to you to explore the possible cooperation with you

Our .website is to give a general idea of what VASO Mould can do for you.

Vaso Mould is an expert plastic injection mouldmaker located in the Shenzhen City of China, ,near HongKong , Would you like us to help you to make moulds at the best competitive price in China? We hope you will think of us when you need an injection mould.

Our core business is to design and make the best quality injection moulds at lowest prices. our goal is to develop effective and efficient solutions for our customers and to become your reliable mouldmaker in China.

We are ready to take your project from initial concept to finsihed part. We believe that most mold building problems originate in a poor or incomplete design. At the start of every project our engineering team works

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