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Wealson Enterprises Co.,Ltd.

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Kekou Industrial Area,

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Company Description

Zaozhuang Wealson Enterprises Co.,Ltd. is the most professional manufacturer and exporter of gaskets,gasket materials and gasket packing.
We are Specialized in making Industrial Gaskets and Customized Gaskets of a wide range of gasket including asbestos gaskets,non-asbestos gaskets,flexible graphite ring,PTFE gaskets,PTFE coating gasket,spiral wound gasket,reinforced graphite gasket,corrugated gasket,serrated gasket,metal jacket gasket,ring joint gasket,etc.
Gasket materials are in stock as graphite sheets, reinforced graphite sheets, graphite discs, graphite rings and graphite sheet in rolls.
Gland packing we can offer PTFE Packing,Flexible Graphite Packing, Expanded PTFE Tape,PTFE graphite fiber braided packing,Pure PTFE Fiber Braided Packing,Ramie Fiber Braided Packing,Kevlar Fiber Braided Packing,Carbonized Fiber Packing,Graphite Packing,ect.
All items are to customer requirements.

Products & Services

Misc. »
  • Asbestos Free Gasket Sheet
  • Corrugraph Gasket
  • Engine Gasket Sets
  • Flange Gasket
  • Flexible Graphite Gasket

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