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EngNet Newsletter - November 2012

EngNet Newsletter - November 2012

Thursday, 22 November, 2012


As we rapidly approach the end of 2012, we reflect back on the year that's been, a bit into history and look forward to the new opportunities that 2013 will present.

The first commercial access to the internet in South Africa was in mid-1992 with the registration of the very first domain. However, it only really started to be noticeable around 1994 with the very slow squeaking and squawking dial up modems (remember those?). EngNet started out in 1996 with website design, being one of the first in a very new industry. Google was launched in 1998 and so started the greatest marketing revolution in history. Coincidentally, we launched our EngNet Online Engineering Directory and Search Engine a few months later. In a mere 18 years, the way we do business has completely changed. The pre email and cell phone days are now a distant memory!

With the rapid pace of change and development above, it has only been natural and necessary that EngNet's products have evolved to where they are today. We have a great depth of experience, having been involved in the online space virtually from its inception, like with SEO, which in its true sense only started out in 1998 with Google's launch.

As we look ahead, our strategy has been to consolidate the various aspects of EngNet's range of services into a complete Online Media Solution that has a depth to meet the demands of companies both large and small. We look forward to our future with you as we grow together.


EngNet partnered with Oasis Haven on its charity drive in the 94.7 Cycle Race

43 cyclists, under the banner of Oasis Haven, took part in Sunday's Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge with a goal to raise R100, 000 for Oasis Haven. A great day was had by all, with many doing this for the very first time. After SMS (short memory syndrome) had set in, it was all smiles and a huge sense of accomplishment.

Well done to everyone who took part and made a real difference to the lives of orphans that Oasis Haven cares for. Should you want to donate to this worthy cause, please email


Social media may be all the buzz, but when it comes to what brand advertisers really want - and get results from - premium content publishers are still tops. A new study from the Online Publishers Association (OPA) shows that overwhelmingly marketing and ad agency executives report higher levels of satisfaction with publishers than with social media. Of the 251 marketing and advertising agency executives surveyed for the study, called "Branding on Display," 78 percent were satisfied with the results from premium content publishers compared to 51 percent with Facebook.

There were some areas in which social media held a slight advantage for respondents. Seventy-eight percent said social media is more effective at getting to specific audiences (73 percent for publishers) and 36 percent said it was better at targeting (vs. 31 percent for online media). But publishers had significant advantages on areas near and dear to advertisers. For instance, 63 percent (vs. 27 percent for social media) said premium publishers were better at meeting branding goals and 61 percent (vs. 20 percent for social media) said online media was a better venue for better brand quality. OPA honcho Pam Horan said, "While social media is perceived by marketers and agencies as a platform that delivers messages to their target audience and overall reach, premium content publishers are comparable with both priorities."

Source: OPA Intelligence Report - 11/19/2012

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