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New Expanded VCA Developers Kit Offers More Models for Prototyping

New Expanded VCA Developers Kit Offers More Models for Prototyping

Product News Monday, May 23, 2016: BEI Kimco

BEI Kimco has recently improved its Voice Coil Actuator (VCA) Developer’s Kit to include three new actuator sizes with greater force and stroke capabilities to provide a broader diversity in off-the-shelf selection (custom kits can also be ordered). The new additions round out the Kit selection to a total of six actuators with force performances now ranging from as low as 15.56 N to as high as 1,512 N, and total strokes ranging from 6.35mm to 31.7mm.  Outside actuator diameters measure from an extremely compact 32 mm size to 113.8 mm for a wide choice of sizes.
The original Developer’s Kit was designed to make building prototypes easier for people unfamiliar with VCA technology.  The complete ‘solution-in-a-box’ bypasses the learning curve by providing all necessary components to get an actuation system up and running.  Instead of having to figure out which controller and software to specify to put together a working system, the VCA novice can simply purchase the kit with the desired size and performance and have everything needed to easily build a prototype. 
VCA prototypes built with the Kit can be used in a variety of industrial and commercial markets such as Medical, Laboratory, Automation, Military, Aerospace and Education.  Uses range from actuation, position, force control,
proof-of-concept, full-function prototypes, test bed for actuator system design, stand-alone use for single purpose actuation, live testing, vibration generator, bio tissue fatigue testing and student engineering projects.
“It’s pretty amazing that engineers are finding so many ways to benefit from the kit,” says Jim McNamara, BEI Kimco Senior Applications Engineer. “While many want it for the convenience of fast prototype building, others simply need a quick education on how a VCA works.  Still others are incorporating it as a life test stand to validate a product’s life cycle, such as a heart valve tester. We’re even beginning to see applications at engineering schools for use as a teaching aid.”
The Developer’s Kit is available in six configurations, each with a different VCA that is paired with the appropriate controller PCBA to drive the VCA being used. A built-in feedback sensor and programmable controller with MotionLab Software runs on the user’s local PC. The controller incorporates an Input/Output board that allows physical inputs and outputs such as push buttons (digital inputs), LEDs (digital outputs), and potentiometers (analog input).  Sample programs for flow, motion, oscillation, timers, and memory are included.  Kit part numbers are DK-LAS13-18, DK-LAS13-54, DK-LAS16-23, DK-LAS22-42, DK-LAS28-53, and DK-LAS43-88. 

For more information on the VCA Developer’s Kit and to check out the new available configurations, visit our website, or contact BEI Kimco, Tel: (760) 597-7042; Toll-free: (800) 572-7560; Fax: (760) 597-6320; email:;

About BEI Kimco
BEI Kimco specializes in the design and manufacture of high performance rotary and linear motion components, including Brushless DC Motors and Voice Coil Actuators.  These products are designed for applications where performance, precision, and reliability are critical.  Using proprietary magnetic design methodologies, BEI Kimco has the ability to produce custom, cost efficient products within multiple manufacturing locations.  BEI Kimco is a leader in medical, industrial, aerospace & defense markets.
BEI Kimco is a brand of Sensata Technologies.

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