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Magnetic cylinder sensors with improved performance

Magnetic cylinder sensors with improved performance

Product News Tuesday, December 14, 2010: Baumer Limited

  • T und C slot design
  • Applicable for all standard cylinder types
  • Precise, reproducible switching characteristic
  • Wear-free

Due to the ever increasing market requirements, Baumer launches a new generation of magnetic cylinder sensors for detecting the exact position of pistons in pneumatic cylinders.

The new cylinder sensors available for T und C slots have been enhanced in performance and reliability. For instance, the sensitivity was optimized to produce a more precise and reproducible switching characteristic. Every sensor is tested upon its sensitivity prior to delivery. Additionally, upgraded materials are used to make the sensors more robust. The cables, for example, now consist of PUR, ensuring the trouble-free use of the cylinder sensors in oily environments. The increased robustness is also evident in the salt water climate resistance of the sensors.

The magnetic sensing technique forgoing any moving parts enables maximum sensor product life by keeping wear down to a minimum. Thanks to the wide selection of mounting accessories, the sensor can be conveniently attached to all common cylinder types.