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New fiber optic sensors - enhanced ease of use

New fiber optic sensors - enhanced ease of use

Product News Tuesday, December 14, 2010: Baumer Limited

  • User-friendly interface
  • Version with reduced cabling effort
  • Convenient teach-in functionality with auto-tuning
  • Extreme long-term stability

With the new Series 66 fiber optic sensors Baumer enhances the ease of use in fiber optic applications.

Amongst others this is achieved with a user-friendly, clearly arranged interface and an easy teach-in process.

Sensitivity and sensing distance can easily be adjusted using three different sensing modes. Within these modes the sensitivity is optimized automatically. The learning of the threshold via auto-tuning facilitates the teach-in process considerably, because it is not necessary to access a special menu. Manual refinement is possible using the +/- buttons. The nominal range of the sensors is 240 mm at a response time of 250 µs.

With the master/slave version, up to 16 sensors can be connected together to one unit. The simplified wiring concept reduces cabling effort and installation time. The reciprocal influence of several sensors can be suppressed and the Series 66 sensors can be combined with those of Baumer’s multifunctional Series 67 without difficulty. Ingenious measures ensure long-term stability and guarantee precise and stable switching states over the entire service life of the sensors.

Together with the comprehensive portfolio of fiber optic heads – from miniaturized and ultra-precise to extremly robust and high temperature-resistant – the Series 66 fiber optic sensors constitute the ideal solution in any application with confined space.