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Ultra Low Profile Rotary Table Bearings

Ultra Low Profile Rotary Table Bearings

Product News Monday, December 20, 2010: The Precision Alliance

FMB flat mounted table bearings are ideal in rotary stage, gimbal turret and other instrument quality applications where you wish move an object in a very precise circular or oscillating motion. Such examples include medical scanning, instrumentation, and fine measurement applications where micro level control is desired.

Axial run-out down to 1 micron is achieved with specially designed and manufactured raceway surfaces. Wobble and eccentricity are tightly controlled to a 2 micron or less level on the smallest bearing size

Total height ranges from 8.5 to 12.5 mm allowing for a very low profile. There are nine standard sizes available Standard product sizes have IDs ranging from 40 to 250 mm with corresponding ODs ranging from 120 to 350 mm. Custom sizes up to 500 mm OD are also available

A very small axial offset of 0.5 mm between the inner and outer races helps maintain the low profile. See sketch to the left (C1 – C = 0.5 mm).

For ease of mounting directly to flat surfaces FMB bearingincludes counter bored tapped holes in the inner and outer rings.

Inner and outer rings are constructed of high quality bearing steel. The super precision steel balls are retained with a low friction PTFE filled plastic cage.

Product is RoHS compliant. The FMB bearing can replace a back-to-back or facemounted angular contact bearing pair at a substantial savings of space and cost. Preload can be adjusted for your application. Special or custom designs will be considered