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Anti-Corrosion Surface Treatments for Guide Rails

Anti-Corrosion Surface Treatments for Guide Rails

Product News Monday, December 20, 2010: The Precision Alliance

Linear guide systems operating in high humidity, wet, salt spray or other harsh environments tend to corrode very quickly if not protected in some manner. Several treatments can provide protection beyond that of stainless steel.

  • Raydent
  • TDC (Thin Dense Chrome)
  • TDNC (Thin Dense Nickel Composite)

These treaments can be applied to any of our standard (size 15 to 65) or miniature (size 3 to 15) linear rail systems.

Maximum continous rail lengths up to 6 meters (20 ft) can be processed. Our most frequently requested treatments are described in more detail below.


Appearance: black satin color

Raydent treatment is a proprietary surface treatment technology means of electroplating. It was developed in Japan in 1964 by Ken Ogawa. The electrochemical process occurs at a temperature below 0° C (-32° F), which is different from ordinary chemical reactions.

Raydent surface treatment permeates the metal sufrace. deposit per side. The resulting surface is highly durable and provides excellent resistance to corrosion treatment can allow for minimal lubrication. The low lubrication requirements lend to low particle emissions, delivering an ideal solution for clean room, food processing, pharmaceutical and additional applications proven this treatment to be effective in concentrated sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide, and salt water spray environments.