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GGB (formerly Garlock Bearings)

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GGB introduces filament-wound bearings in Europe, Asia

GGB introduces filament-wound bearings in Europe, Asia

Product News Thursday, January 27, 2011: GGB (formerly Garlock Bearings)

GGB, formerly Glacier Garlock Bearings, is introducing its complete line of filament-wound plain bearings – GAR-FIL®, GAR-MAX®, MLG™ and Multifil™ -- in Europe and Asia. These composite, bearings combine the self-lubricating properties of filled PTFE with a strong, stable structure to meet the high-load, low-wear requirements of wide variety of applications.

These bearings employ a tough, high-strength composite structure consisting of epoxy-impregnated, wound glass fibers oriented to provide the radial and axial strength to support high loads. They provide outstanding performance in demanding dry or lubricated applications, including off-road vehicles, automotive, agricultural and construction equipment, aerial lifts, windmills, material handling equipment, mechanical and hydraulic presses, waste/recycling equipment, processing equipment and packing machinery.

The natural lubricity of the bearing surfaces assures low friction in dry applications, making them particularly effective in applications where the relative motion is not sufficient to promote circulation of lubricants used with more conventional bearings.

Unlike many conventional non-metallic bearing materials, the high-strength composite structure of GGB filament-wound bearings offer a thermal expansion rate comparable to that of steel, assuring maximum dimensional stability and positive housing retention, even at elevated temperatures. Because absorption of moisture and swelling are negligible, they are also dimensionally stable in water.

GGB filament-wound bearings are available in standard sizes from 12mm to 150mm ID, wall thicknesses of 2.5mm to 5mm and lengths of up to 400mm. Bearings with ID sizes from 10mm to over 500 mm with custom wall thicknesses and lengths are available on special order. Also available are special shapes based on customer requirements.