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GGB (formerly Garlock Bearings)

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GGB (formerly Garlock Bearings)

Wellington House
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Birmingham International Park
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United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)121 7679100
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GGB’s EP™ Plastic Bearings Provide Innovation and Reliability

GGB’s EP™ Plastic Bearings Provide Innovation and Reliability

Product News Monday, March 26, 2018: GGB (formerly Garlock Bearings)

GGB Bearing Technology, the global leader in high performance bearing solutions, has created a new video to highlight the company’s EP™ tribological solutions.

GGB’s EP™ series of self-lubricating engineered plastics bearings are designed and manufactured in a nearly limitless variety of configurations and styles, giving customers design freedom to accelerate their innovation.

Renowned for their chemical and corrosion resistance, lightweight and diverse performance characteristics, EP™ thermoplastic bearings operate not only under severe working conditions with minimal or no maintenance, but they also offer increased reliability and durability with lower operating costs.

Ideal for a wide range of performance applications, EP™ bearings are particularly well suited for a variety of automotive, aerospace and industrial applications.

By collaborating with EP™ experts early in the design stage of a new custom application, GGB engineers can generate potential for cost savings, longer lifetime and increased performance and weight reduction of a new application. Contact us for more information.