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GGB (formerly Garlock Bearings)

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GGB Bearing Solutions for the Automotive Industry

GGB Bearing Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Product News Monday, March 26, 2018: GGB (formerly Garlock Bearings)

Engineering news website Industry Tap recently published an article that details GGB Bearing Technology’s bearing solutions for the automotive industry, including our popular DP31 and DP4 bearings:

Titled “GGB’s High Performance Transmission Bearings for Automotive Applications”, the article describes the low friction, high wear resistance, and exceptional load tolerance of GGB automotive bearings. These properties allow GGB bearings to provide long life, reliability, and smooth operation when used in automotive applications such as clutch pumps, brake systems, and transmissions. Additionally, the compact and lightweight design of GGB bearings allows for the reduction of fuel consumption, leading to lower vehicle emissions.

The article then highlights two automotive applications that used GGB plain bearings. In the first, low friction DP31 metal-polymer bearings were used in heavy-duty automatic transmissions to improve efficiency by reducing power loss. In the second, high-pressure, lead-free DP4 plain bearings were chosen to be used for a gearbox actuator shaft after the customer received technical consultation from GGB’s team of expert application engineers.

For more information on how you can incorporate GGB plain bearings in your automotive application, please contact