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Brushless Motors

Brushless Motors

Product News Tuesday, July 18, 2006: Quadrant Plastics

Much more than a Brushless product range

Motion Component Solution expert – Delta Line Europe recently launched its new range of hall effect sensored BLDC motors. This range has already proven to be a real success due to a number of key and very important factors. More and more today’s designers are striving for motors that maximise the power to size to weight ratio, thus giving the most powerful motor output for the smallest frame size.

This range of motors does exactly that with output torques ranging from 14mNm to 2.1Nm depending on frame size (range includes frame sizes 28, 42, 57 and 86mm) and speeds up to 10000 rpm.
Product life is always an issue but with brushless motors there is less to wear than in a conventional DC brushed motor so much longer product life can be achieved.
Designers today do not always want to use standard product but with the flexibility of specification adaptation (special shafts, wiring looms pulleys etc) at hand, small volumes can be modified to meet the designer’s needs.

Delta Line Europe also has a complete range of spur / planetary gearboxes and feedback devices that can be easily assembled to the products to offer that complete solution.
Today Delta Line Europe are already seeing a number of significant successes in a number of key market such as; medical devices, textile, printing and industrial automation machinery.

The Delta Line Europe organisation is progressive Sales and Marketing focussed Motion Components Solution provider with a particular expertise in the area of precision miniature devices, which includes miniature DC motors, Brushless Motors, Tin Can, Hybrid and Disc Magnet stepper motors as well as spur and planetary gearboxes, for applications in the medical, factory automation, instrumentation and industrial market segments. The company’s aim is to offer the best in class motion component solution by supplying a complete engineered solution from specification to the completed assembly.

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