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Glocon Inc. Exhibits Swifter® CTX Series Cooling Tower Fans at Annual CTI Conference

Glocon Inc. Exhibits Swifter® CTX Series Cooling Tower Fans at Annual CTI Conference

Company News Tuesday, February 21, 2012: Glocon Inc.

PARSIPPANY, NJ – For a straight 3rd year in a row, Glocon Inc. exhibited at the Annual Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) Conference. This year the conference was held at the Hilton Hotel in Houston, Texas from Feb. 5 – 9, 2012. Amid technical workshops and committee meetings on various topics related to cooling tower technologies, Glocon was pleased to be able to host a table at the conference as a supplier of cooling tower fans and subcomponents. “It’s always exciting to be here for the annual conference. No place else can you find such a focused audience interested in learning about our niche product,” says Arjun Agarwal, VP of Glocon Inc. That niche product is the Swifter® line of industrial fiberglass fans, or CTX Series. Ranging from 5 feet to 40 feet in diameter, it is still the next generation industrial fan with its innovative features such as patented airfoils for optimized airflow and CoreMax™ polyurethane foam core for superior blade performance.

Glocon manufactures the Swifter® CTX Series industrial fans for a variety of applications, including cooling towers, air-cooled heat exchangers, evaporators and condensers. Glocon is also the manufacturer of Swifter® SW/SE Series axial impellers which can be used in industrial ventilation applications. The company’s newest innovation is the Swifter® HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fan, which can be used in warehouses, commercial buildings, aircraft hangars, sports facilities or any large space with high ceilings. All of the Swifter® brand industrial fans use patented high efficiency fiberglass fan blades.

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