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Series 725B Alarm Annunciator & Event Recorder

Series 725B Alarm Annunciator & Event Recorder

Product News Thursday, March 15, 2007: RTK Instruments Ltd

Series 725B Alarm Annunciator with optional Integrated Event Recorder from RTK Instruments

An enhanced Annunciator with event recording and communications features

The 725B Combined Annunciator and Event Recorder brings together many years of development in Alarm technology to offer you the most advanced alarm monitoring system available today.

The 725B Annunciator uses CANBUS® communication technology coupled with RTK Instruments’ unique multi-redundant (no single point of system failure) design to offer the best combination of reliability, flexibility and usability plus a low cost of ownership.

With the 725B Alarm Annunciator, reliability is increased over conventional annunciators as our multi-redundant design removes the need for common CPU or common service module and hence there is no single point of system failure. All alarm cards in the system are automatically able to act as the master controller.

For improved illumination, increased reliability and lower operating costs, all alarm windows are illuminated by ultra-bright white LEDs offering a maintenance free solution.

The 725B can be supplied as a stand alone Annunciator or with an integrated 1ms Event Recorder, allowing the user to analyse the exact sequence of events following a plant breakdown.

To reduce installation time and costs, the 725B can be supplied with integral, universal Power Supplies to connect directly to 85-264VAC or 88-360VDC.

The modular construction of the 725B Alarm Annunciator provides complete flexibility in panel designs as it allows units to be assembled in almost any size and shape to suit individual customers’ requirements. Systems are available from a single channel to a maximum of 256 channels in a single housing with a choice of window sizes and colours.

Each alarm channel is fully programmable using the RTK supplied configuration utility and a standard USB programming port to connect directly to a PC or laptop. RTK Instruments is a leading supplier of safe and hazardous area alarm, display and interface products and can provide specific application advice, as well as product recommendations and installation advice.

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