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Limit Switches

Limit Switches

Product News Thursday, September 22, 2005: SoftNoze USA Inc

Switches Lose Limitation

Gain Adjustability & Secure Mounting.

Frankfort, NY, August 30, 2005 - Critical adjustability… that is what low-profile limit switch mounts deliver. Ask any control system designer, technician or installer and you’ll hear that establishing correct on-off trigger points is a key to assuring optimum operating results in any installation. For these situations, SoftNoze USA introduces adjustable mounts for both mechanical limit switches and proximity sensors having limit switch-style housings. More reliable switching is now possible with just a quick turn of a screwdriver.

30 to 12.7mm Adjustability… Of the many thousands of IEC & NEMA limit switch models offered by over 100 manufactures, all are designed with two or four mounting holes. In some cases these holes are oblong, but still only allow for very slight position adjustments. Now venerable limit switch-style devices, both full-sized and miniature DIN bodies can be adjusted by up to 30mm (1.18”) and 12.7mm (0.50”) respectively. Each low-profile LSM mount measures only 5mm (0.197”) thick so compact designs are not compromised.

Complete mounting & adjustability… Limit switch-style devices are found on nearly every machine or piece of equipment in every industry; from packaging and airport conveyors to dump trucks, robotic assembly and metal working systems to grain elevators. Some mechanical switches do have adjustable operators (rollers, levers, etc.), but for the many that do not the LSM mounts make adjusts a snap. Using just a screwdriver in less than 30 seconds, accurate switching and sensing is assured, complete with all required fasteners for attaching the mount to the machine and the switch to the mount. Every LSM ships as a complete solution.

Low-cost, corrosion-resistant, solutions from stock… Fabricated from corrosion-resistant aluminum and having stainless steel fasteners, the LSM-1000 carries an $11 list price and LSM-1000M $10 and both are in stock now.

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