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Squirrel data logger

Squirrel data logger

Product News Friday, December 9, 2005: Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd

Grant Instruments Squirrel SQ2020 data logger used for validation of hospital sterilizer parameters

A leading specialist in the manufacture of high performance washing systems used in QC/QA laboratories, hospital theatres, pharmaceuticals and other critical industries are dedicated to providing effective solutions to washing problems.

To maintain the company’s integrity and high standards, a Grant SQ2020 data logger is used to validate hospital sterilizer parameters.

Validation requires the monitoring of a duty cycle, preset temperature, pressure and time. All three parameter levels must be met for validation to be attained.

With sterilization such an important part of hospital life, maintaining data to ensure equipment is working correctly to set parameters, and the data to prove it, is essential.

The procedure is straight forward. The company’s field engineers use the Grant SQ2020 data logger connected to type T thermocouples, with a platinum resistance type for a reference point, pressure transducers and time source and run the necessary duty cycle.

The resultant data is then downloaded to their laptops and transferred to a central database at company headquarters. Information is then available on all equipment in service and can be viewed at any time, especially if any problems have occurred.

This method of monitoring and storing vast amounts of data installs confidence in the hospital and other end users that their sterilizers are functioning correctly within the required parameters, and that full back up is available if needed.

The Grant SQ2020 data logger was chosen for its ease of use and Grant Instruments co-operation in providing a system to fully satisfy the demanding requirements.

Grant Instruments provide a range of data acquisition and logging equipment and systems that are used throughout all storage, laboratory, test, manufacturing and process industries.

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