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Aggregate Diverter

Aggregate Diverter

Product News Thursday, January 19, 2006: Vortex

Salina Vortex® Aggregate Diverter™

The Salina Vortex® Aggregate Diverter™ offers customers a heavy duty, maintenance friendly diverter capable of handling abrasive materials (coal, gravel, sand, whole grains) in gravity flow applications.

Available in a complete size range from 6” through 24”, the Aggregate Diverter™ may be ordered with optional “dead pocket” inlet and “honeycombed” bucket deflector for more abrasive applications. Other options include abrasion-resistant polymer or “honeycombed” chute liners.

Interior bucket seals increase material handling efficiency, promote smooth bucket actuation and minimize material migration to the off leg. A removable access panel allows inspection or maintenance of the diverter without removing it from service.

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Materials Handling » Valves & Actuators » Aggregate Diverter Valves

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