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New Winding Technologies For Transformers

New Winding Technologies For Transformers

Product News Wednesday, September 16, 2009: Agile Magnetics

Regional Manufacturing Specialists is a custom/contract manufacturer of magnetics (transformers, inductors, coils, and chokes), was challenged recently to create a transformer winding that allowed for multiple tensions on an elliptical shaped form. The brilliant, yet complicated, design of the transformer required an equally brilliant, but simple mechanical solution to meet the drawing specs.

The required gage wire and the oddity of the shape were the toughest obstacles to overcome. Due the intrinsic properties of the copper wire, the tight turns on the end of the ellipse caused stretching, which negatively impacted performance.

The question for the customer became, is there a magnetics house in the US with the engineering capabilities to resolve this issue that is also customer oriented and willing to work hand-in-glove with our staff? The answer of course was Regional Manufacturing Specialists Inc.

RMS modified existing machinery with new technology and one-off tooling. By timing for variable tensions yet maintaining a consistent wind speed, RMS was able to fit the required number of turns in the required space without excessive and expensive manual labor. By working with the customer, a sound and efficient solution was created. Although RMS cannot comment on where these transformer windings were needed, it is known that they will be helping our U.S. Military Service men and women defend our freedom.