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6 Steps to a Successful 'Marketing they'll thank you for' Campaign


In this newsletter I would like to cover a marketing method that has proven tremendously successful for EngNet, that can be specifically applied to engineering related companies.

Our latest marketing campaign has been called our 'Marketing they'll thank you for' campaign. We set out to provide our users with something useful, which advertised EngNet, made it easy to pass on to friends and colleagues (creating a viral marketing effect) and made sure that EngNet's name would be on as many engineering desktop computers as possible. We also wanted to breakthrough to more engineers, buyers and sales engineers. The people active in equipment selection and purchase.

Last year we conducted a survey (survey results) asking how engineering users found engineering products and services. The top three methods were as follows:

  1. Existing Suppliers (i.e. keep your customers happy)
  2. Search Engines and Directories
  3. Word of Mouth

In studies done, apparently it takes three times more effort to obtain an order from a new customer than it is to receive additional business from an existing customer. That is quite an incentive to keep your customers happy. More than just keeping them happy, we need to ensure that they don't forget us without us becoming a pain. So how do we make sure they remember us?

There are a number of ways to ensure customers remember your company such as press releases, advertising etc. I would like to cover one method that we have found extremely effective and will continue to be effective for a long time yet.

For our 'Marketing they'll thank you for' campaign we developed an engineering units converter software application (download here).

6 Steps to Successful 'Marketing they'll thank you for' Campaign:

"Why is it marketing they will thank you for?"

You are providing your cusotmers with something that they can use, and while they are using it, your company is being advertised.

1. Decide on the type of application tool

To make this decision you need to consider objective, cost and reach. There are different types of software applications to consider:


Company Sponsored Convertor:

Company Sponsored Converter

Company Advert Example:

Company Advert Example

This is the full size animated advert that appears on the above converter example.

Download a functioning example of the above sponsored converter here.

Is your company interested in offering your customers a sponsored converter. Email:

1.a. General engineering software applications (e.g. Units Converter)

Every engineer at some stage would need a conversion calculator. Insert your company's advertising and every time they use it your company is being advertised. When they send it to their friends, it's a word of mouth recommendation with your company's advertising on it. This is a fairly cheap option.

EngNet can offer your company a sponsored version of EngNet Tools for a reasonable price (email for further information).

1.b. Specific industry software applications (e.g. Steel selection app or metal bending radius app)

Many companies have excel spreadsheet calculations that can be transformed into an easy-to-use application that customers can find extremely useful. Add your company advertising to it and guide them to a by-product and voila- increased sales! Once again, passed onto their colleagues for free, your advertising effectiveness is greatly increased.

1.c. Product selection applications (User can calculate and select your company products easily)

If you can make it really easy for your customers to select the correct product and order it, you are going to have a better chance of getting their business. Once again software that is free, if sent to colleagues, would be in effect sending your catalogue to other potential customers. This type of application should also have a general useful tool that they can use to remind them of your company, and work as a catalyst for word of mouth referrals. 

Remember above all that the application must be useful.

2. Develop your application

There are quite a few engineering specific developers out there who will be able to develop a custom-made engineering application with the information you supply.

2a. Spend time ensuring that the application is simple to the layman and easy to use;

2b. Ensure that your company is effectively advertised without affecting the functionality of the application;

2c. Test, Test, Test. Test the application on as many operating systems as possible (usually only after releasing the application do the problems occur).

EngNet also has developers who can produce your engineering applications (email for further information).

3. Make the tool easily available

Ensure that the tool can be distributed easily and it will increase your reach (Viral Marketing). Preferably downloadable from your website, it will do four things:

3a. Draw customers to your website - Create an awareness of your website.

3b. Creates company awareness - When at your site, ensure they can see your range of offering while downloading the application.

3c. Ask for name and contact details - Make this optional as some individuals don't like giving their details, however 80% will. This list is also to keep them up-to-date with the new versions of the application.

3d. Latest Company information - In 6 months when you have a new version of your application, you can send your list of contacts an email notification, thereby drawing their attention to your website so that they can view your latest products etc.

If customers don't have web access, send it to them on a disk.

4. Get it out there

Send an email or mail shot to customers, potential clients and suppliers. The more you can get the application out there the better.

Give it to your associations and councils, if it is a useful tool they'll make it available on their website. The people searching their website are probably interested in your products. If they download the application with your advertising, you have a good chance of receiving an enquiry. Try offering a co-branded application with your association; they may end up promoting it for you.

5. Monitor & Measure Results

Keep track of statistics, receive feedback and look at who is downloading the application. Ask if there is anything they want added.

6. Respond

With the success of the initial application you are in an even better position to increase the value of your marketing. Develop the application further, add features users have asked for, and get it out there again! Each time you promote your application you are increasing your company's awareness in your customers minds. The more your customers hear about you, the more familiar he finds himself with your company, the more they will trust you and buy from you. Each time someone sends your application to friends, it is a word of mouth referral and your email database of companies grows.

Since we made our units converter available, we have had emails thanking us for this useful application that is used daily. We have also had users asking us for advice on some engineering calculations, this shows increased confidence in our services. They won't forget EngNet as it is always on their desktop.

We know that this is a tremendous tool for advertising a company, it has been effective for EngNet and continues to work for us. As long as individuals are using this useful tool and your company is listed on EngNet, your company is being advertised.